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Management is more than just collecting the monthly rent which seems to be perceived by most property owners. Quite often when we take over a new property on behalf of the clients who have been managing it themselves or have just purchased a new property, we find gaping holes in the costs that should have been charged and in the most cases rental arrears.

Many owners forget to charge CPI increases annually, do not collect the correct amount of outgoings. In other cases tenants get themselves behind by not paying their outgoings and the owners find it too hard to keep battling with their tenants, often building relationships that make it difficult to put pressure on tenants to keep the rent and outgoings up to date. Our tax invoices are sent to tenants at the end of each month allowing them the time required to pay their rents by the due date. We follow up the tenants once they are in arrears by email, SMS and telephone calls. If the tenants are having difficulties paying we liaise with the landlord and negotiate the payment arrangements to bring the tenant up to date.

We have numerous trades’ people available to carry out maintenance and repairs to our managed properties and we will also work with the trades peoplee that Landlords nominate. Our property management team checks quotes to make sure they are competitive and the correct works are carried oput and in most cases if the repair is complicated and expensive we get a number of quotes for the most competitive rate.
We advise the Landlord to enter in to a discounted maintenance contract where needed to alleviate major costs of repairs further down the track.


This management portfolio spans commercial, retail, industrial, residential and hospitality assets, enabling us to work with a wide range of investors. The managed properties are varied and range from industrial buildings, small to large retails including shopping centres, and various commercial properties including whole floors and services offices. These properties span over New South Wales.

Managing property to maximize the return on investment is an increasingly complex task. Gunning assists its clients in this matter through:

• Professional administration regarding the leasehold obligation of both lessor and lessee
• Firm control over rental income collection and operating costs
• Maintaining plant and equipment at peak efficiency and undertaking cost saving energy management strategies
• Use of the state of the art accounting, reporting, database technology to maintain investment performance and accurately forecast future returns
• Personal service from highly experienced and qualified commercial property specialists, ensuring investors maintain direct contact with their property manager and other members of staff for fast and accurate service.

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